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How many books did you read last year? Think about that for a second.

Have you figured it out? Now from those books, how many of them taught you something valuable, like how to invest your money or become more successful in your job?

If you are like the average person, I would bet you only read about two books like that. The good news is that, since you are the average person, you aren’t a part of the 27% of the population who didn’t read a single book last year.

Here is something else to think on:

The average CEO reads four to five books a month. Not fiction, sci-fi, or young adult books, but nonfiction books packed with useful information. If they are reading four to five books a month, that means that in a year they have read at least fifty books that taught them something useful. That is a lot more than two.

Now I know that not everybody wants to be a CEO, but that isn’t my point. What I am trying to tell you is this: One of the biggest differences between you and some of the most successful people alive is how many books you are reading.

This is how I am going to try help you:

I will be writing book reviews over the kinds of books that CEO’s read. Twice a week, you will have the chance to get a feel for these books that might be a bit out of your comfort zone.

I want you to be able to move up in life, whether it is getting a promotion, talking to that cute boy/girl, or being able to afford a nicer place to live. That all starts with learning new skills. So, in order to help you succeed, I am challenging you to read one informative book every two weeks.

To find a book that suits your interests, take a look through my list of book reviews.

“You know what happens when you do nothing? Nothing.”